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Energy is an important part of our world in this day and age, and when you need legal representation for any energy problem, we will be here for you to stand by your side.

Have questions about the complex world that is the energy sector? We understand. We will be here for you every step of the way to help you.

The services you need

Mineral Law is a significant part of today's society and at times requires legal attention. We can provide you with exceptional legal services for this area, and can help you with everything from simple questions to complex litigation. We can handle:


• Title Opinions

• Division Orders

• Surface Damages

• Mineral Ownership

• Mineral Probates

• Pipelines and easments

• Gravel leases

• Mineral deeds

• Reveiwing  oil and gas leases

• Oil and gas litigation

• Comprehensive knowledge of the area of the law

Energy help

We can help

Our lawyers are competent and have decades of experience serving the people of Western North Dakota and the surrounding areas. Give us a call today to get started with our energy services.

Understand your options when it comes to minerals and have great legal representation for every step of the way.

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